The Bradley Method® approach to childbirth ~ Classes with Sarah Joy Albrecht, AAHCC begin March 4th. Register NOW!

The Bradley Method® is a practical, natural approach to childbirth emphasizing purposeful nutrition, targeted prenatal exercises, pain-reducing relaxation techniques, all underscored by the training of fathers as labor coaches.  

The key to successfully having a natural birth is preparation. Over the course of 12 classes,  students learn to stay low-risk, avoid an episiotomy, make informed medical decisions… all while gaining a thorough and confidence-building understanding of pregnancy, stages of labor, optimal birth positions,  breastfeeding and more! 

ALL expectant mothers and their coaches are welcome regardless of marital status!

Upcoming Class Information

March 4th – May 20th (Please Note: There are only 5 available spots left!) 
A twelve week Bradley Method course will be taught at Salus Chiropractic & Family Wellness Studio on Monday nights from 7-9pm by instructor Sarah Joy Albrecht, AAHCC.  
For this class session, students will be using the newly-available latest edition of The Bradley Method® Student Workbook. Guest speakers will include a massage therapist from Living Well Chiropractic (demonstrating relaxing massage techniques for pregnancy and labor), a doula from Well Born Baby (sharing the benefits of having a doula and tips on working with your birth team) , a La Leche League leader (covering the basics of breastfeeding) and a MOPS group leader (highlighting the importance of postpartum support and connection with other mothers). A few months after the babies arrive, students will have Bradley reunion to welcome them and share the stories of their births!   

A note from instructor Sarah Joy Albrecht, AAHCC – Looking for resources or information about the Bradley Method® before you decide if it’s right for you?  Please feel free to contact me even if you are unable to sign up for a class. I am happy to answer your questions and connect with you supporting resources in Chester County.  As a mother of five myself, it is my goal to be of help to expectant mothers and their families.

Mention code CHESCOMOMS70 when you register for class to receive $70 off tuition.

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