Thrifty Thursday: SwagBucks

I absolutely love SwagBucks! This is always a hot topic at my classes as well as on the Raising A Family On A Budget Facebook page because everyone likes to get stuff for FREE!

SwagBucks is a search engine powered by Google and Whenever you search on, you have the chance to win points (aka SwagBucks) that you can redeem for prizes and gift cards. You can easily earn enough points to get a $5 Amazon gift card every month if you do regular searches!

In addition, you can earn 1 SB per day just for answering the Daily Poll, 2 SB for completing the No Obligation Special Offers (NOSO), and 3 SB for ever 10 clips you watch on SwagTV. There are also numerous offers that you can complete earning even more SwagBucks.

Every Friday is Mega SwagBucks Day, which means you have a higher chance of winning the Mega Bills (30 – 1,000 Swagbucks!).

So, go do some searches and see if you win some SwagBucks today!

Check out all the other ways to win Swag Bucks!

Currently, I am working towards a $100 Lowe’s Gift Card to use towards putting in a garden this spring. I am well on my way, and can’t wait to achieve my goal! Then it will be time to start funding Christmas. With a $5 Amazon gift card costing only 450 SB it adds up quickly.

How are you going to use your SwagBucks?

Stephanie is the mom behind Raising A Family On A Budget. Check out her monthly posts, Thrifty Thursdays, each month on Philly Burb Moms.

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