Get Pinspired: Valentine’s Day Ideas!

We all LOVE Pinterest.

(Don’t try to deny it).

Ok. I won’t speak for you, but I love Pinterest. I love finding new recipes, new crafts, new projects, new styles, new gifts, new ways to decorate and new ways to festively celebrate the holidays.

And during this season of Love, it’s fun to find inspiration on new ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  For some, it’s finding a snack to send in for our kids school parties. For others, it’s finding some unique gift to buy, make or cook for our special Valentine.

Pinterest is THE place to turn for Valentine’s Day ideas. Need some inspiration? Here are a few to get you started:

Pinterest Valentine’s Day Ideas
I’m making these Heart Fruit Kabobs for my daughter’s Valentine’s Party!  They look SO CUTE, and pretty easy to make!

Also whipping up these Ladybug Pretzels for the Valentine’s Party.  How CUTE are these little guys?!?

                                                                    Source: Uploaded by user via Stephanie on Pinterest

I LOVE these yarn wreaths.  I haven’t attempted one yet (do I feel a tutorial coming on??), but it might be fun to string one together this weekend so my door is festive for Valentine’s!

Whether they make these candle jars as a gift or just to give your home a romantic touch,  these candle jars are the perfect Valentine’s project to do with your kids.

Or even easier, homemade Recycled Heart Crayons!

A great SWEET snack for you and your Valentine!

And whatever level of “Romantic” your Valentine may be, this thoughtful “52 Reason I Love You” gift will melt any heart.

There are even more ideas on countless boards – so head over to Pinterest and


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