Sarah’s visit to the Thermador Test Kitchen in Scottsdale

Back from Scottsdale. I had a great time at the Thermador Test Kitchen and would like to thank Classy Mommy, Colleen Padilla for not being able to go and sending me in her place… 3 days away was JUST what I needed! I got to sleep in, catch up with the Cullen’s (I have read all 4 books now thanks to my cross county flight) and enjoy some quality “me time”. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Col!

Upon arriving in Phoenix I was met at the airport by Chris from Evening Star Limo and whisked away to the the beautiful Hyatt Regancy Scottsdale. The hotel had every amenity that you could imagine, a luxurious spa, beautiful pool, fabulous restaurants, state of the art gym (um, didn’t make it there though – I just heard it was quite snazzy from the other gals in my group) a Starbucks and it even had Gondola Boat Rides.

My day at the Thermador Test Kitchen began with the most amazing breakfast prepared by one of the in house Thermador chefs, Chef Kyle Jakobi. He must have been cooking all morning from the looks of the spread he had put together. There were delicious pancakes topped with quite possibly the most delicious SYRUP (it was so good it deserves all caps) that I have ever tasted, bacon an inch wide, fluffy scrambled eggs, freshly baked bread, fruit, pastries… you get the point, the works! The folks at Thermador really know how to impress!

Although quite familiar with the Thermador product line, my mother is a baker and has big plans for her kitchen remodel that involve a Thermador Convection oven. I did not inherit the cooking/baking gene and I am not by any means a traditional “foodie”.. I enjoy food (sometimes too much), but I am more of a microwave /toaster oven chef rather than a sous chef. My pastries more so than not come from the local bakery and fresh bread… does Pillsbury break & bake count? When my mother found out I was going to visit Thermador’s Test Kitchen it was like telling a five year old that they were going to Disney World! I got an instant crash course in all things Thermador and she explained to me why that cooking on a Thermador cooktop is as good as it gets.

Because of my lack- o-skills in the kitchen, I was completely blown away with the amazing women also visiting the Thermador facility with me. They were all mostly “Food bloggers” and have a true passion for cooking and baking. Some of the women were moms like me, but instead of two children… they had four (one woman had twin toddlers) and managed to make a home cooked meal for their families every night. Truly amazing! Some of the women were single and blog about the amazing meals they make WITH their husbands every night. Husbands in the kitchen, say what? Some were single ladies -culinary school grads that could give Martha Stewart a lesson or two.. All of the Bloggers that Thermador had selected to visit the facility really knew their stuff! Then there was me… a product review blogger.

Because I wasn’t as well versed in the art of perfecting the perfect meal, I really tried to take in all of the information the folks at Thermador threw out. Like did you know…. that Thermador has been at the forefront of cooking technology for more than seven decades, introducing the first built-in wall oven almost 50 years ago. I also learned that the appliances from ” The Brady Bunch” were Thermador, thus securing a place in pop history. One of the main goals behind the Thermador brand is to transform the kitchen from a mere workplace into the social and entertaining center of the modern American home. I was quite intrigued by this and really wanted to learn more about the brand and functions of the appliances.

From Cooking, Refridgeration, Microwaves, Dishwashers, Wine Storage to even built in Coffee Makers.. Thermador does it all! Thermador appliances are designed for those that have a passion for cooking and a love of sophistication.

Thermador invited all of the bloggers to introduce their newest product to join the Thermador family… The Steam and Convection Oven.

Features of the Thermador Steam and Convection Oven

  • Until now steam has been the technique for professional restaurants and is now available for the culinary enthusiast.
  • Steam and Convection Cooking provides unrivaled food taste and quality. Food stays moist on the inside and is perfectly finished on the outside.
  • The ultimate culinary tool-the Steam and Convection Oven offers passionate cooks three cooking solutions-Steam, True Convection, and Steam and Convection.
  • Steam offers a healthy cooking method and retains the foods valuable vitamins and nutrients.
  • 1.1 cu.ft. cavity easily accommodates a 14lb. Turkey.
  • 40 EasyCook food programs. Pre-programmed modes automatically set the oven temperature and humidity to ensure perfect cooking results.
  • Features 9 advanced cooking modes.
  • 6 different favorite settings can be individually programmed.
  • This revolutionary appliance is scheduled to hit the stores in September 2010

Throughout the course of the day, the Thermador Chefs cooked amazing meals for us and shared recipes and tips and tricks on hosting the perfect dinner party. It was really inspiring and I hope by some twist of fate (maybe even a little magic) that I absorbed some of the kitchen craftiness I experienced during my time at the Thermador Test Kitchen. My husband also supports this little hope of mine…

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