The Not-So-Secret Life of a Twilight Mom

The Not-So-Secret Life of a Twilight Mom
by Megan L. Reese
A friend of mine recently commented about how fast 2009 had flown. My immediate response was, “I know. I can’t believe New Moon comes out next week!” That was met with a second or two of silence, then the response I’ve gotten used to hearing, “Oh, yea. You’re into those vampire books.”

Yes, I am definitely into those vampire books. I am a Twilight mom.

I began reading the Twilight saga when I forgot my Patricia Cornwell book on a trip to San Francisco in September 2008. By the time I returned home, I had finished Twilight. New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn soon followed. I hadn’t devoured books like that since V.C. Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic series in the 1980s.

Soon, my teenage daughter Cullyn was reading the saga (yes, her name is the same as the Twilight vampire coven, just spelled differently). Our lives haven’t been the same since.

It’s not often that a teenage girl and her mom are passionate about the same books, movies and music. We listen to the Twilight and New Moon soundtracks in the car. We saw Twilight the day it premiered last November while sporting our fan apparel. I can’t count the number of times we’ve watched the DVD. Our Google alerts are all saga-related. We quote the characters in daily conversation. We debate Team Edward versus Team Jacob. We’ve had our own countdown going since the movie release date of New Moon was announced. We’ve eaten our share of Twilight and New Moon-themed candy. We’ve had our midnight show tickets for New Moon, as well as our t-shirts, for weeks.

Megan and her Daughter at the airport about to leave for their vacation to Forks, Washington

When the topic of summer vacation plans came up this year, there was no question where we’d be going. Cullyn and I headed to Forks, Washington – the Twilight Mecca. We are hard-core. The best part about all of this is that Cullyn doesn’t care what her friends think. This is our special mother-daughter thing to share. Who knew?

I won’t be able to truly focus this week because I’ll be anticipating seeing New Moon with Cullyn. Even though she and I have seen all the previews, trailers and video posts for New Moon (and actually stopped watching them for fear that we’d eventually see the whole movie before it came out) we are still super-psyched, and a bit giddy. Or maybe it’s just the sugar rush from eating all those New Moon candy hearts this weekend.

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  1. Nicole says

    Count me in on that bandwagon! I’m obsessed. Like “leave my husband and my children if Edward Cullen came knocking at my door” obsessed. It’s good to know that I’m not the only Twilight Saga freak on the block – ummm…yeah! And imagine my complete and utter SHOCK when I was invited to supply a New Moon VIP party with the Twilight Cupcake toppers I make – oh, man – I thought I had died and gone to heaven!!! Okay – I’ll stop obsessing publicly now…back to my Twilight movie marathon – by the way, how many times can you possibly watch Twilight in one day – about 7. Yeah – it’s that bad.

  2. Anonymous says

    I am going on Saturday. It was the first day that I had a sitter available. I am counting down the days.

    Go Team Edward!

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